Monday, 5 March 2012



People that protect their tweets on Twitter.
YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL. Do you know how much STRESS it is to send a request so I can follow you just to see your tweets, which probably aint even all that great anyway. It’s SUCH an aggrevation especially when you wanna perhaps stalk someone *ahem* (don’t judge me, we all do it) and see what someone is up to and you don’t know the person like that so if you send the request, you’ll just look like one spicy beg. I can’t STRESS how much of an annoyance it is. I don’t protect my tweets and look at me, I’M STILL LIVING!

Trending Topics
I am so sick of seeing either Justin Bieber or One Direction constantly trending. Enough is enough. I think its time that they told their fans to calm the fuck down. I’m not even gonna try and insult these lot, because these fans actually go in – they’re on some ride or die shit; they’d casually kill/die for these people.

You know when something good is trending, for example, yesterday ‘Top100Female/MaleLies’ was trending and I was holding my phone, rubbing my hands getting ready to tweet some good stuff and fully go in until some people just destroyed it. I HATE when I see someone tweet something which at first is absolutely hilarious and then people get excited and just RINSE it out e.g. #Top100FemaleLies - I want a boyfriend with morals, ambitions and goals.. Shaniqua is now in a relationship with G-Man Suwoo Shooter’. I let out a chuckle when I first saw it, then after the next 6 times I saw it on my TL, I was just like this:

And it wasn’t like they just kept retweeted the SAME one, some cheeky people had the NERVE to steal this poor soul’s original joke and REMIX it, trying to make it seem as if it it’s theirs. NO, THAT IS THEFT AND DECEPTION.

People try too hard to be funny with TTs as well. It’s a bit embarrassing when someone thinks they’re completely hilarious and its just so forced. Especially when it’s obvious that you’re just desperate for a retweet and you’re not even a funny person. I feel sorry for you, everyone knows it’s forced and now you just look stupid.

Annoying Tweeters
Before I even start with this, why do people take their bio’s so seriously? You’d think they were filling in a job application form, most of it is bullshit ‘Photographer, model, singer’ – I don’t care, until YOU ARE BEING PAID, I’m not going to take your ‘profession’ seriously. Or people that write #TEAM*insertsomethingcompletelyobvioushere*, it’s like me saying #TeamIHaveEars. I’m sure no one gives a fuck.

Anyway, I am tired of people STEALING quotes from google or other people’s twitter and claiming to be wise. It’s like everyone turns into some preacher on Twitter, who the fuck are you though? You aint Gandhi fam.

When people tweet things for the attention of the opposite sex. I thought it was just girls that did this but I’ve seen a couple of guys do it too. An example of this is:
Girl: Lol my jeans won’t go passed my thighs ffs :( #MyThighsAreTooBig
Boy: I don’t see what’s so wrong with eating pussy
YOU. LOOK. HUNGRY. STOP IT. The way I just unfollow these people because it’s just like...


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