Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Sixth form has been suffocating me, so that's why I have been absent for a while. But yeah whatever, follow me on twitter, become a member and all that shit. 

Okay so that time of year is coming up; all the couples will be all loved up looking cute and shit, parading the streets showing off the love they have for each other. And then there’s you – the single one. Being the single one can suck balls sometimes. Who wouldn’t like to be wined and dined and receive a gift for no fucking reason other than it being a commercialised day for couples to rub our faces in absolute shit while we let women like Beyonce, who is happily married and probably celebrating valentines day herself, gas us single bitches up *takes deep breath*. Before I begin, I am NOT being bitter towards anyone that’s in a happy relationship and chooses to go out for valentines day, this isn’t even about you booboo. This is for my single bitches.

That leads me on to my next point – if you are single and are not doing anything for valentines day do not try and make the day shit for everyone else by coming with your depressing tweets looking like some bitter and unloved bitch that secretly wants to go out. Stop saying that valentines day isn’t real or shouldn’t be celebrated BECAUSE YOU’RE SINGLE. I know damn well that if you were in a relationship, you’d want to do something so stop being foolish. Valentines day is real, google it if you don’t believe me! So to the ladies that have a man, if you are planning to go out somewhere with him and your single friend tries to hit with you shit like ‘its chicks before dicks, come out with me or tries to do anything to make you feel guilty, straight up tell the lonely bitch to purchase a few cats and leave you the fuck alone!

Ladies, there is nothing wrong with doing nothing on valentines day. It is just another day in the year that you will spend at home, you’ve done it before. If it bothers you that much, watch a dvd or go out with your friends that are available. Don’t sit there and feel sorry for yourself because you haven’t got a boyfriend, you’re making a bigger deal of the day than the people that are actually in a relationship. And please ladies, do not go the extra mile and find yourself a boyfriend JUST FOR VALENTINES DAY. That is the most pathetic thing you could do.

Valentines day is not meant to make you feel like shit (even though it can, ahem), you’re supposed to appreciate those that you love being around you. That could be anyone – not just a boyfriend. I know it can feel a bit shitty seeing couples all loved up and you’re there watching Love and Basketball again by yourself, in your room, alone. But being single isn’t a big deal, it seriously isn’t. See it as a way of getting to know yourself better and reserving/preparing yourself for that special person to eventually come. You can’t allow someone else to love you without loving yourself first.


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