Monday, 2 January 2012


For some that do not know what this is, it’s someone that is well known. Some like to think of themselves as celebrities but they’re not, they’re just known by a lot of people.

What annoys me about baitheads? Most complain about being bait as if they did not get themselves in that situation in the first place. Whether you did something outrageous to get yourself out there or you just continued to accept all those random adds you received off facebook, YOU did something. No one scouted you and signed you up to The Kingdom of Baithead, you did it your damn self. I know of a few baitheads myself and the majority fuck me off. Some pretend they don’t know they are bait and when they ‘suddenly’ come to the realisation, they often ask shit like this;

‘Why are bare people watching me like I know them?’
‘Why is everyone chatting my name?’
‘OMG am I bait?’

You know the fucking answer, you rhino. And you LOVE the attention you’re receiving too. This mainly applies to the bait girls because they’re usually the most annoying. Don’t act like you’re not aware of the 1000+ friends you have on facebook or the 700+ people you have following you on twitter. I don’t even get the point in pretending, you just look stupid. You can’t expect to have a private life when that many people know you.  Some bait girls normally do stupid shit like expose a conversation that they are having with someone that is pussy begging and humiliate them so the world can see how ‘amazing’ they are and how regularly they receive attention like this. You look like a little bitch.

I know a few baitheads that like to hang out with other baitheads to maintain their status within The Kingdom of Baithead, because you know, it’s not as if everyone doesn’t know you already, but then you hang around with more baitheads just to ensure that we normal people, with normal private lives, are aware that you are bait. Because we could not tell already.

I cannot stand the baitheads that believe they are celebrities. You don’t have fans bitch, most of the people that know you either want to fuck you or just want to be in your business. So do not printscreen/screen munch the obscene amount of friend requests you have received and then complain about them when everyone knows full well that you will accept every single one of them or most of them to enhance your status. Nothing annoys me more than the stupid fuckers that actually treat these people like they’re some A-Listers. You do know they live a BUS journey away? They aren’t anything spectacular with your dick begging/pussy begging self. They love the fact that you are liking/commenting on all their photos and trying to talk to them constantly which leads to them believing that they are better than they actually are. They are normal fucking people that go to school/college/uni/work whatever. They may say that they are a ‘model’ because a few aspiring photographers take pictures of them, or say that they are a ‘singer/rapper’ because they have uploaded a few videos of themselves on YouTube but they aren’t. They aren’t anything spectacular. They are normal people.

If I’m honest, I feel sorry for these people. My closest friend is a baithead and when we go out, she gets stopped about every minute by people that know of her. It must be frustrating to have that many people know you, and that many people be in your business. I can imagine that being in a relationship is also hard because I personally don’t want to be with someone that everyone knows and have everyone up in our relationship, or have him cheat because of the amount of dick begging slut monkeys he attracts. Trust must be an issue.

What is actually so good about being bait? Because I know some people actually want to be, which I don’t understand. Are you sad? Do you not have any friends? Why would you want that.When you’re bait, rumours often circulate about you as well. With girls its normally along the lines of being a slag and with boys it can vary. If you aspire to be bait, then your life must be pretty shit. If you are bait and some of the things I said applies to you, re-evaluate your life (no seriously, do it).


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