Monday, 26 December 2011


Seeing this word alone upsets my womb. People have anally raped this term so much that its lost all meaning. Let me clear this up now – ‘swag’ can not be defined by clothing. Wanna know why? Huh? I’ll tell you. Because any dickhead can buy a pair of vans, chinos and snapbacks – does that mean they have swag? If swag was defined by clothes, nearly everyone would have it and let me tell you from now, most of you do not. You’re all clones of each other. No one wakes up and decides they want to wear something by themselves, sorry that’s the truth. Your perception of fashion is influenced by something (whether that be the media, some fly bitch/guy you’ve seen on the street or whatever).

People also seem to think that swag is getting a few tattoos and reciting Tyler the creator lyrics everywhere. 
Tattoos for one, annoy me. People are getting big arse tattoos/sleeves and then thinking they look cool? I have nothing against tattoos but when you are getting sleeves for no reason other than because other people are doing them, then you’re a straight yam. Pounded yam. I know I sound like some killjoy but someone needs to have some damn sense: when you are old and wrinkly, how cool will you be looking then huh? With your skin flapping down to your ankles. You think your gonna look cute while some young guy is wiping your arse after you shat yourself in a home, cos you got tattoos all over your liver spots HUH?! No booboo, you’re gonna look NASTY.
Tyler the creator scares me. Genuinely scares me. When I saw one of his lyrics which states; ‘rape a pregnant bitch then tell my friends I had a threesome’, I realised he wasn’t my cup of tea. In reality, he shouldn’t be anyones cup of tea (or cup for that matter) if he is talking about rape. If I’m honest, I believe that anyone that claims they ‘love’ Tyler the creator are potential rapists/murderers or attention seekers. Either way, I’d like to avoid you.

The correct definition of swag (well my definition) is how you present yourself as a person. You can LOOK fly in your chinos and vans but if you haven’t got the swag to compliment that, you aint shit honeybuns. Swag isn’t how you look because people rate Jay-Z and Rick Ross and they’re not very pleasing to the eye, and they still have SWAG. Clothing is like an accessory to swag – you find out who you are (sounds kinda moist, #ImStillABadmanSoItsNothing), gain some confidence and find clothes that suit your personality to then ENHANCE the swag you have. So rather than looking at other people, COPYING what they wear (and attempting to pull it off then terribly failing), why don’t you grow some balls and find out what actually suits you, even if you look like shit (look at Whoopi, she’s not very fortunate but that bitch knows how to work with what she has). Stop worrying about what other people are doing/wearing and focus on you – you’re not sharing YOUR life and neither are they sharing theirs.


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