Monday, 26 December 2011

'Me Eating Out My Girl' - Response

There has been a lot of 'exposing' pics of random guys eating out their girlfriends/links etc. But when I came across this, I must admit that it just perplexed me. This guy, while in mid-lick, has been photographed eating his girlfriend. I saw the picture and my face was literally like this > -__-. What respect do you have for your girlfriend if you are casually flaunting her vagina out for other people to see. Better yet, what respect do you have for your damn relationship?! Your relationship is YOURS for a reason; you keep it BETWEEN EACH OTHER. If you want to take a picture of you and your lover being ‘expressive’ to say the least, keep it between yourselves. Unless your a pissing pornstar, don’t broadcast such sexual acts to the universe (well twitter but you get me init.)

I found the guys twitter and he was trying to justify his actions by saying its my girl, idgafTHAT IS PRECISELY WHY YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE IT YOU DICKWARD. I personally believe that it was done for attention and although I am aware that I am giving them the attention they are seeking, I don’t really give a flying yam. I don’t have a problem with people being open about their sex life, but there is a difference between being open and EXPOSING YOURSELF. And what you just did cupcake, was expose yourself! Give yourself a round of applause, TWO YAMS FOR YOU!! Clown.

And sorry BUTTERCUP, but your man could not have been giving you some goodness if you are worried about taking a fucking picture. Because I know he could not have been concentrating properly if his focus is on his pose. I’m guessing (hoping rather, unless the guy can’t eat out for shit) that she took several pictures before she took the final one - how do you have time to be taking snaps of him doing the job when you’re meant to be having a wet party in your vagina – either way, he cannot eat out for shit. Eating vagina needs DEDICATION, which you clearly was not giving.

[note: for those who have not seen the picture, the guy has deleted it unfortunately. Just use your imagination.]

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