Friday, 30 December 2011


Anyone that knows me, will know exactly how I feel without me even going into detail. I’m not being racist against my own race but it has to be said – some black girls are very annoying.

A typical black girl of today has a middle parting, wears bright pink/red lipstick, sometimes has outrageous coloured weave, converses and chinos (there’s more, I just can’t think of any atm). I’m not even saying there’s anything wrong with having any of these. But ladies please, if you wear/have two or more of those mentioned above, do not claim originality. What annoys me even more is that black girls bitch about other black girls that look and probably act the exact same as them. It’s so bad that I could go to some bait place like West End and see about a million of these black girls with the same uniform. It’s just frustrating.

It has to be said also, black girls are usually the most bitchy. If you walk past a group of ‘typical’ black girls, you can guarantee that they’ll be judging you for something. I really don’t want to say these things about my own race, but it has to be said. Not saying that other races don’t do these things because I know they do, but these black girls seem to think that they’re God’s gift to the earth. They walk around with their Brazilian weave thinking they run things, bitch please I can find your identical twin in a matter seconds, believe me. 
Black girls need to stop hating on light skinned/mixed race girls too. I’m not gonna lie, SOME light skinned people/mixed race people annoy me but I at least KNOW them before I pass judgement. Some of these black girls will see a girl/boy of a lighter complexion and immediately hate them. You look like a hater. Especially when the only reason you can come up with as to why you dislike the person is because they think they’re ‘too nice’. You don’t know them booboo, shut up.

The outrageous coloured weave needs to stop. I’m sorry but if you are not of a light complexion, you can’t be blonde. Sorry. And red might not be for you babygirl. I’m sorry. So stop it. Yeah you see Beyonce, Rihanna, Christina Milian and all these other girls that are LIGHTER THAN YOU with weave these colours but babe, YOU ARE NOT THEM. YOU NEVER WILL BE. Stick to 1B, you can still look sexy honey. And these girls that are dying their hair these colours/getting weave these colours are probably doing it so they can not look like a typical black girl, when in fact you do. It just seems as if black girls are trying to outdo each other in an attempt to be ‘original’. Is someone gonna come with fucking rainbow coloured weave? Its just IRRITATING. Black girls are too focussed on what other black girls are doing, just DO YOU. 
Same goes for the lipstick. I wear lipstick myself but it has to be a certain shade to suit my skin tone. I am not trying to be offensive in any way but dark skinned girls should ideally stay away from the light pink lipstick. It just brings attention to the darker tone of your skin (I’m not being horrible, black is beautiful – in all shades). You need to learn what suits your colour rather than trying to go a shade lighter than the black girl in your college.

I don’t know whether its because of insecurity issues as to why some of these black girls feel the need to do some of these things because they’re not happy within themselves or something but it needs to stop. It just seems like they’re all in competition with each other when in reality, no one’s really being themselves. And no, I’m not trying to insult black girls in the slightest because I’m a black girl, but it's about time that someone highlights the issues some black girls have.


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